Thursday, January 9, 2014

Packing up Christmas

First I'll mention that the intrepid travelers from Massachusetts made it home without incident yesterday.

Meanwhile, back at the swamp I am slowly taking down decorations and packing them up for storage. Yesterday Hal tossed the tree onto the front deck and I dragged it down the yard to the pile of tree limbs and remnants of previous Christmas trees at the edge of the woods. I have emptied the tree stand and put it with the others acquired over the years in the basement. I filled up one big box with the "good" ornaments, those that have special meaning or are just rather nice to look at. Lights went into a separate box, the LEDs and C-7 strings that my brother and I put up for that nostalgia. I bought 2 more strings of those after Christmas at Home Depot just in case we want to do it again. Those types of strings are getting harder to find. (And I always made sure the lights were off if we were going out,)

Old, meaningless ornaments went into another box with the nice garland on top. While pulling the box out of the loft to put the wreathes away I found an entire box of decorations for the table that I didn't even think of using. I really need to go through what I've got and get rid of some of this stuff. I've got way too much of it.

I also took the decorations off the driveway tree. It is really hard to see though. I am hoping a better tree will sprout up for next Christmas.
A little more than halfway up the driveway.

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