Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bitten Off More (Yarn Projects) than I Can Chew

I've got too many crochet projects happening at once: 3 sweaters, a shawl I have yet to start because I can't decide on the yarn and Tuesday I am supposed to start another shawl during a mystery crochet-a-long (CAL)where, as far as I know, the pattern is released in stages in the form of clues. Supposedly the person who figures out who the murderer is first wins a prize. I suspect it will be a crochet pattern from the shawl designer which is cool because I like her patterns, otherwise I wouldn't be in this CAL

The first sweater the Doris Chan pullover I started a few weeks ago and then just stopped before the end of the yoke because I started these other things plus a caplet in yet another CAL which I finished and gave to my neighbor because the fuzzy yarn was giving me fits and I just wanted to get it over with. I do not like Patons Divine I have decided and will not buy it again. Good thing I bought it on clearance, still have 1.5 skeins and it will be permanently stuck in the back of a drawer now.

Paris Tunic Yoke
Shortie Shell Capelet
Second sweater is my Lattice Cardigan by Michelle DuNaier. I am actually on the edging but I think I put in 2 many dc stitches and it has become too wavy. I had finally picked it up yesterday after another long hiatus to work on a 3rd sweater by the same designer. It's looking very nice other than the waviness but unfortunately I think it is too small for me as when I tried it on last time it wouldn't pull closed in front. I have since discovered I had gained 6 pounds but even if I lose that for it to have affected the fit that much I think I underestimated the size I needed yet again. Perhaps it will fit my younger sister.

wavy edging
The third sweater is another cardigan and is actually a test for a new design by Ms DuNaier. It is another cardigan but the yoke is made up of several square motifs (granny squares with a different stitch pattern than the traditional granny), The model is very pretty, it needs 4 different color yarns in a DK weight (fairly thin but not as thin as lace yarn). I'm actually using 2 yarns, a sock weight by Premier (Serenity Sock, a wool blend) I picked up at Joann's Fabric in dark green and a color called Chili which is a white with dark green and purple specks. And a dark purple and gold yarn by Red Heart called Luster Sheen which is an acrylic and though it claims to be a different weight than the sock, together the 4 yarns fit quite well. It took a while but I finished the motifs yesterday in 3 colors and my next job is to join them together with the Chili.

Unfinished Motif
The shawl I am supposed to be starting is another Ms DuNaier called Goldberry. (all these patterns are available at, some free or for $5 or less (I got some of mine half price during a sale, Ms DuNaier is having a 1/2 off sale through Sept 30). She named it after a character in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings (she's in the book, not in the Peter Jackson movies). She is re-telling part of the Hobbits' adventure and various sections of the shawl abstractly depict this. Now I just have to choose the colors to use which is generally my problem, I can't decide. I bought a bunch of new yarns, too thinking my problem was a lack o suitable yarns, and indeed that was a problem but now I've got too many to make a decision. I should just think about this some more.
Which yarn will I choose? Need at least 4, maybe.
Of course, I can't really talk about the mystery pattern as it's a mystery and other than some main characters; the shawl designer, her sister, her cheating ex-husband and a band of fictional crocheting detectives, I've no clue what the shawl is supposed to look like or what yarns to use. I'll post next month after it starts.

But I still think I'm doing way too many things at once. It's practically impossible to do all these in a timely manner and conduct the rest of my life, i.e. the dog walks, housework, cooking, etc!

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