Monday, September 2, 2013

Dissappointing Weather

For a 3 day weekend, thick clouds, mist and cool temperatures are no fun. There was a possibility of taking the pontoon boat out every day with Hal's brother and wife but no go. We've been on the lake before when it's cool out and we freeze. Wouldn't want to swim in this, either. Today I woke up to mist, and the breeze has picked up, it's after 10:30 am and it's barely 60 degrees. I suppose I should be grateful we're not having a "not quite a tornado". Well, of course, but some warm weather would be nicer. Kind of a bummer for my BIL and SIL who drove the 4.5 hours to enjoy the weekend. Maybe we'll luck out by noon. We shall see.

And it's now almost 3 pm and it's 9 degrees colder than the forecast of 72, too breezy and just not good boating weather. So instead we're heading over for dinner with Hal's parents. I baked a cake. Boating is probably over for the year.

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