Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Luna is Eight

Today is her birthday. Same age as Rocket was when I adopted her. She's still a peppy little pup and still gets into things she shouldn't, mud in particular. We've already had 2 walks today with the Zigman. It's not at hot as yesterday, only around 80. Yesterday hit 92 so she swam more than walked. Had a nice swim today though she pretty much fell in. I tossed a stick and just as she was deciding to leap she changed her mind but her body couldn't quite stop, so plop off the edge into the water. And she still brought the stick back.

Here's a fairly recent photo of my girl, if you can call June recent.
And because he's cute, here's Ziggy pausing at a really good digging hole. Luna's head is still in it. They do so love to dig. I need to take photos of the mine field of holes in the woods inside the fence, they're ankle breakers!
And one more of Luna because it is her birthday!

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