Tuesday, September 17, 2013

So Much for the Growing Season

Two nights ago there was a frost warning, I covered the veggie gardens and my potted flowers on the deck and it did drop to 32.7f over night but I never saw any signs of frost in my yard. I got home from being in Alpena all day yesterday and saw we had a freeze warning. I covered mostly everything last night, took the cherry tomatoes and other small fruit off the plants (and accidentally left the bag of veggies on the driveway!). Last night or early this morning it dropped to 30.7f and there was evidence of frost all over when I walked the dogs. (I just got back). It was only 35f when I left the house, still below 40 I suspect. I won't uncover the plants till it gets to 45f or so but I would say the growing season is no over for this part of Michigan, even if the temperatures on Thursday do rise into the high 70s as predicted.

I wonder if my one tiny pumpkin will ever get ripe enough to pick and turn into a pie. It's so small it might not have enough meat in it! Better luck next year. Then again, maybe I ought to give up growing veggies at all up here.

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