Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Crocheting Update and Other Minor Tidbits

Crocheting seems to be my main hobby now so not much else gets done when I'm in the zone. Housework is last on the list but it gets done eventually. I was ill for a couple of weeks, managed to contract conjunctivitis in both eyes (pink eye) and that was miserable till the eye drops took effect in a couple days. Couldn't crochet at all those days. Between that and a sinus infection at the same time I really slacked off on things. Plus Hal got himself TWO deer and we had to process the first one and part of the second though he gave most of that one away. However, he did save the tallow and fat from that second deer and spent all last weekend rendering it and made suet cakes, about 17 pounds worth. The wild birds are loving it.
But here are some photos of my progress in my crochet projects as of Sunday morning.

My Anemone test cardigan. This is the bodice. I discovered when I was laying it out that I had connected the shoulder to the underarm on the wrong edges so had to rip it apart. I'll fix it at some point but it is very frustrating when I do a stupid thing and then keep going without noticing!
Anemone Bodice
This is my Design Diva mystery shawl. This is part of a crochet-a-long over on ravelry.com. I am very far behind the other crocheters because I was unhappy with my previous color choice and I was having trouble with the center stitches. All resolved now. I don't think it's my most beautiful shawl but at least I don't hate it any more. It's supposed to be finished by November 11th and by then we should all have enough clues to solve the murder mystery told within the pattern.
3 Color Design Diva Shawl
My Goldberry shawl is turning out absolutely gorgeous. It's made with a worsted weight acrylic yarn so it's pretty heavy but I love it. I am hoping it will block nicely and open up the stitches to give it a lacier look. Hard to do with a heavy yarn, but acrylic can be very stretchy. I'm on row 50 now, only 56 rows total before the final edging.

Row 48 of Goldberry

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