Monday, July 1, 2013

I Meant....

to write a couple more posts in June, I really did but things got busy and then I started feeling lousy and realized this morning that it wasn't severe allergies but a mild head cold. Mild in that it doesn't hurt to swallow but my throat feels like sandpaper, I have lots more post nasal drip than I normally do (hence the sore throat), I'm coughing a bit more than I ought to for the dust I am stirring up while cleaning (not to mention almost coughing up a lung the first day I woke up and felt lousy) plus I feel very tired. Hal also woke up this morning with a similar sore throat so it then became obvious to me that I was really ill.

The cleaning is in preparation for our new vinyl floor which I was finally informed of last Tuesday would be happening tomorrow (the following Tuesday) and would also continue Wednesday and then Friday if necessary. But not Thursday which happens to be Independence Day here in the good old USofA. Darn good thing we weren't planning on traveling anywhere on vacation.

It's been more than 2 months since we ordered the floor. We were told maybe the first week of May so that's when Hal tore up the carpeting. It was glued to the floor. Consequently, it means we have to have luan screwed and glued to cover the residual glue and other defects. Probably doubled the price of the installation. Carpet would have been cheaper but vinyl will be easier to keep clean with two dogs in the long run.

The installer had injured his knee, at least that is what we were told and as I am not immune to injury I completely understand. But I sure hope nothing screws this up. I'd like to have things back to normal, especially as we moved the TV and stereo today and will have to content ourselves with an old CRT TV in the guest room which is stuffed with extra furniture till this is done.

Stay tuned.

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