Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Bell Sleeve Pullover Part 2

Hal took some photos of my in my pullover after I got through about 20 rows of the body, the part below the yoke/armhole section.
It's a bit short at this point and the pattern only called for a total of 30 rows. I'm within 2 rows of 50. At least it's now below my belly button.
Once I finish the body I start on the sleeves, I must say though it looks really nice sleeveless. I may make another one some day without the bell sleeves the pattern calls for. Heck, if it turns out I don't have enough yarn I could just end this one this way. I have 2 skeins left though so hopefully this will be enough.
Just had to add, the body is finished, a total of 50 rows of the pattern repeat of 4 rows, plus two.

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