Monday, June 17, 2013

Crocheting Onward!

I started this Bell Sleeve Pullover on May 18th. I had about 4 false starts, first trying size Small (bust 36) which seemed almost ridiculous and indeed when I got to the underarms it was much too tight. So then I tried Medium (bust 39) which was closer but still too small. One of the biggest problems seemed to be that both those sizes only had 15 rows before the underarm join was made. Being a tall person I should have just realized that would make a big difference and head straight into the Large size (bust 43) even though a 43" bust seemed much too large. But I went for it, with a size US7 (4.5 mm) hook instead of the G hook (4 mm) I started with .
This is the finished yoke section. I've gotten much further now, at least 20 rows of the body done. I've dropped from the US7 hook down to the G hook just below the bust and now the F hook, 3.75 mm to make it just a bit slimmer in the body. I do have more photos but the camera is on the shelf 10 feet away and I do not feel like getting up to download them. But now that I finally have the size it's going quickly. Hopefully, the sleeves will be fairly easy to do.

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