Monday, July 22, 2013

More Photos from the "Not Quite a Tornado" Storm

This is my wooden deck. I took this photo through the window because I didn't want to get beaned by hail. It was a couple inches thick by the time it was over and it was a couple hours before it all melted.

These 2 trees are hanging over the trail I regularly walk with Luna and the Zigman. The trunks are twisted. You can barely see in the upper right corner what looks like 2 white trunks. it's actually one poplar tree broken in half, the top hanging down on the left side by its bark. Hal cut them and a lot of the other trees out of the way today. 

Closeup of the trunk of the tree in the photo above. Only swirling winds can do this I think.

Another twisted tree.
This last photo shows more trees laying in several different directions. Again, I can only believe a swirling wind could create this sort of orientation.

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