Saturday, July 20, 2013

POWER!!!!! and Cooler Temps!

Just before 1 am Ziggy started barking, we looked out the bedroom window and lights were slowly coming down the driveway. It was a big Consumers Electric cherry picker truck. I thought they must be lost coming down our ridiculously narrow dirt driveway when the downed lines were one street over, other side of the swamp, where our power comes from.

Hal got dressed and ambled out to see what was going. They told him the hardest part of the job was find our place, and they had to repair the cracked, and thus opened, switch linking our transformer to the lines. Also said something about us being the last ones. Hal mentioned that yeah, we were the end of the line. They were gone in 10 minutes and we just lay there waiting, and at 1:15 am the power snapped back on. SO happy to have electricity again and running water!

As a side note, last night Hal tested the small generator on the well pump and it wasn't powerful enough to run it. So now we are looking at generators on line to figure out what is the smallest size we can get away with that could also run the furnace blower in winter. Has to be bigger than the 2500 watts this Honda had. Sure did do the trick for saving our food though.

Second side note, beautiful cool breeze coming through the front windows and it's only 76 degrees outside. Fantastic!

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