Thursday, July 18, 2013

Closest Thing to a Tornado!

Had a bit of bother this afternoon around 2 pm. Fifteen minutes of torrential sheet like rain, huge hail and toppled and snapped trees, power lines, etc. If this wasn't a tornado, it was awfully close. I'll just let my few photos tell today's tale. The reason they're such lousy photos is it was so hot when this hit when it was over steam was rising from the ground that was covered in hail. Here you go.
lots of trees like this
Another hail photo before it all melted

just off in the woods where Esther Rd ends

my thumb, this stuff was everywhere

my driveway near the house

lots of trees like this
I'll have more updates when I get home and get power back there. At least no one was hurt. (as far as I know).

edited to replace duplicate hail photo

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