Friday, July 19, 2013

Still No Power

Where is Scotty when you need him?

Half the village actually does have power and there are electric company trucks all over, but not on the street I get my power from. They did send a crew to cut the dead tree off the power line that runs to our transformer so when the power does come back on it won't catch fire and knock it out again.

We have some power to our house in that Hal borrowed his dad's small Honda generator and hooked it into the circuits that power the 2 refrigerators and 3 chest freezers. Then he went to the store bought some male plug ends, cut up a 14 gauge power cord and made 2 cords with a plug end on each end. They are now plugged into separate outlets in the garage and into the 2 outlets of the generator and we can turn on various things in the house, and turn off other things to keep from tripping the breakers or generator. This is why I can write to this blog. We have refrigeration and internet. However, I am about to run out of laptop battery power and will need to power down to be able to plug this in and recharge.

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