Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Luna's Teeth

Took Luna to the vet today (with Ziggy as panicked companion) for Dr King to take another look at the teeth she damaged a few months back while tearing (I assume) out roots during the massive digging campaigns the dogs have been on since the ground thawed. Her teeth had hairline fractures and had turned pink, they have since turned a grayish brown and she doesn't eat dinner with her usual gusto, more like lets use my tongue and tease this kibble into the back of my mouth and chew it. I suspect she's in pain and does a great job at hiding it.

They took a blood sample today and checked her blood count, kidney and liver function and probably something else I can't remember. There was no sign of any infection so she's good to go. I take her back Friday morning, dropping her off at 9 am and picking her up at 4:30. Surgery will be around 11 am. As it's an hour drive there and another back I have opted to take a book, some crochet, my nook or laptop, haven't decided which and will park myself someplace pleasant while this goes on. Otherwise I will hit a couple stores, Wal-mart for instance and the local yarn store I've only been to once before to pass the time.

I just hope everything goes fine. I'll be worrying from now till I pick her back up.

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