Friday, August 8, 2014

Luna Has Fewer Teeth Now

I took a quick shot of Luna's bad teeth last night.
We left home just before 8 am, dropped Ziggy off with a friend with his two dogs (Ms J is away from home) and drove to the vet. Got there just before 9 walked her to do her business. I left at 9:30 and spent the next 4 hours going to 3 grocery stores, a lovely yarn store (where I bought some yarn), and happened upon a sidewalk sale where I almost acquired a nice pair of hiking shoes, but they didn't have my size.

I got back the vet's office at 1:30 and was informed Luna was awake, surgery took longer than expected, more than an hour to get just the fang/canine out. Apparently the root started breaking apart after the tooth portion broke off and he had to keep digging to get it all out. The doctor had to cut into the gum to get it all. (That was planned anyway). The smaller incisor on the top came out very easily.

Here's what the tooth and some of the root looked like after the extraction. I'm very glad it and the smaller one is out.
And here's my girl at home. Sleeping is what she's been doing all night. I've gotten her to eat a few treats but otherwise sleep is what she needs and wants. After looking at that tooth, I suspect she's going to feel a lot better in a few days.

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Deborah Savage said...

Is Tic feeling better?