Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lady Rose Shawl Test

Doing yet another test for Michelle DuNaier of ravelry. This is the last of 4 shawls she has designed based on the Crawley sisters of Downton Abbey, a show that has appeared on PBS stations in the US. Rose is the cousin of the 3 sisters, Mary, Edith and Sybil. Lady Sybil was the other shawl in this series that I tested. Others tested Edith and Mary.

This one is much faster because the shells are more open and airy then all the dc's in Sybil. The edging is very lacy as well whereas it was tightly connected in Sybil. I am using Red Heart Stardust in the olive for the body and the purple for the edging. I only had 3 skeins of olive and 2 of purple as Red Heart chose to discontinue this yarn. I bought the last of the skeins available at the Lincoln Hardware store. Joann's was already out of them, if they even had them. (The 2 other colors I have were purchased directly from Red Heart over a year ago.)
The yarn is wool and stretchy though the metallic thread running through it will keep it from stretching as far as it could have when I block it. I'd have made it bigger than it is if I'd had 4 skeins of olive, as it is it I find it barely wide enough when I outstretch my arms. Hopefully the edging will make it large enough to be useful. I simply can't get into the shawlette sizes that so many like to wrap around their necks like a scarf or bandanna.

Here is the finished olive section. There is a 6" ruler in the upper left corner for an idea of size. The edging is going fairly quickly now, I might get it done before the end of the week.
It's done and blocking. I stretched the heck out of it and lightly steamed it. On the pins it measures 23.5" by 62".

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