Tuesday, August 26, 2014

2014 Alcona County Fair Crochet Results

I entered 4 items, 2 shawls and 2 sweaters. I wasn't really pleased with my available shawls, the one I would have liked to enter, the Goldberry, I had given away. Hal, Chooser or Shawls suggested the Design Diva which is not my favorite, I had trouble with color, design, the stitches, it was just an all around frustrating project that I was happy to be finished with, and also my Patronus which is a riot of color and while pretty with lots of interesting stitches doesn't have the lacy look. Diva took 2nd and Patronus 3rd. Unfortunately, yet again I was my own competition which means I lost first place to no one. The judges didn't think they were up to snuff either. Still it felt disappointing.
Home Arts Items, Patronus is the circular shawl in middle right side
I did better with my sweaters. Anemone came in second and my Lattice cardigan took first. I know I haven't taken a photo of my Lattice blocked and finished so I will try to do that and add it later. I am very pleased how it came out even if it doesn't fit me.
Anemone in front, Lattice in back

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