Wednesday, July 2, 2014

No More Cell Phone Service at Home with Net10?!

When I went downstate in the middle of June I had reasonable phone service at home with my LG900G using Net10. But when I came back 10 days later my signal was non existent. Occasionally I'll get a few seconds showing a couple of bars  but for the most part I've got nothing. I've had this phone for a couple of years and Net10 longer than that with an old flip phone that was a CDMA phone (this one is GSM). In fact I just pulled that old flip phone, an LG220c out of a drawer and turned it on. Hard to believe the battery still had power in it! And I got 1 bar of signal and 2 bars upstairs! I suppose I could go back to that one if I had to, but only if I could get a new battery for it.

My suspicion is that Net10 didn't contract any service with my local cell tower which is odd as Hal has a tracfone and gets plenty of signal with his LG 840G smart phone. Net10 of course won't cell me one of those and though Net10 is owned by tracfone I can't transfer my 2636.50 plus minutes to a new tracfone.

I went to the Net10 forum and bitched about this today and I suspect I'll be asked to "take this offline" by some poor Net10 drone who will want to send me a new battery, a new sim card, etc, to try to solve my problem, none of which will work because it's the LACK OF CELL TOWERS, STUPID! But I shall be nice and go through all the hoops and in the end probably have to change services and lose my 2600 plus minutes.

Being a cheap bastard really sucks sometimes because I know I could do well with a Verizon phone (they seem to own all but 2 of the towers in the area) but even their pre-paid plans are ridiculously priced. So for now I am screwed.

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