Monday, July 7, 2014

Food Poisoning

I have it. Woke up with it Sunday morning. Probably from something I ate Saturday but as everyone at the BBQ ate the same things and no one else is ill, makes me wonder. Searching on the Web I find all sorts of information that tells me I could have eaten the "bug" even earlier than the day before, but other than popcorn, Hal has eaten the same things, though he eats his own yogurt. Same brand though.

I made the mistake of feeling much better yesterday evening so ate some crackers and a piece of chicken. I then suffered through the entire night, lots of pain and little sleep. Spent another day laying in bed reading or surfing online. I am so very hungry now but am only allowing myself jello and Gatorade and a little flat gingerale. I sure hope the worst is over and I can start eating a little more tomorrow!

At least the pups have cooperated and since an aborted walk yesterday (I got about 200 feet) they've allowed me to rest in peace. Though Zig is at this moment looking for attention. Maybe a biscuit will suffice this time.

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