Friday, July 18, 2014

The Deck is Done

Actually it's been done for quite a while, Hal finished it up while I was stuck downstate. For the back part he reused the deck boards he had originally used to replace the front deck a few years ago. There wasn't anything wrong with them, he just used new boards when he repaired the front deck girder and joists.
There're only a few minor things left to be done, a little "finish" work here and there.

About a week or so ago he built new stairs to replace the rotting box stairs from the old deck.

In the photo below you may notice the extra boards on the fence in the upper right. Hal put those in to prevent my escape artist dogs from jumping through to the rear staircase.
rear stairs
Ziggy checking out Hal's construction of the front stairs
Hal shortened the length of the front deck stairs and left an opening in the deck. You can't really see it but there is a 20" square section just below Ziggy's nose where I could put a shrub or a potted plant. Haven't decided what yet.

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