Sunday, June 29, 2014

Remember that Blown Tire?

That tire that blew on US 23 back in January after that piece of metal went banging along the undercarriage of my car did more than just blow that tire. It wasn't till a couple months later that I really noticed. After the snow melted and while my car was parked outside I saw that the left rear tire was kicked out at the bottom a lot more than the one on the right. I finally got it into the dealer last week for an oil change and asked them to take a look.

Turns out a Y shaped bracket called the control arm was bent in the center a good 15 degrees or more. I'm sure I could have kept driving on it without any harm to the car itself but I'd be wearing out tires a lot faster and at $138 per tire I figured the $205 fix would be cheaper in the long run. So it's all done.

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