Monday, June 23, 2014

Back Home and Feeling Better

My MIL was released from the hospital Saturday afternoon. Her daughter then took her on a fast trip to see her brother whose wife had just passed away the weekend before. I went back to the house because I hadn't felt that well all day, and using my SIL's automated blood pressure machine got readings of 156/100 or worse. Took some anxiety pills that didn't help much, tried to get a better night's sleep, sort of did but my BP only dropped to 138/99. Last time I got my BP checked at my clinic it was closer to the standard 120/80.

But we still managed to leave Sunday morning. Got back early yesterday afternoon. Took MIL straight to her home and Hal came there to pick my and my stuff up and took me home. I had a hard time relaxing at all last night and didn't sleep well though I was very tired. Plus I had that niggling blood pressure reading in the back of my head making me wonder if my health was starting to deteriorate. After all my mom had high BP as does my brother.

Today I called my local clinic and got a same day appointment with a physician's assistant, not my regular one, but a gal I had seen before for bursitis. Her nurse used the manual BP method, a hand pumped cuff and a stethoscope. She got 114/72. That was quite a relief. She also prescribed more anxiety pills, only a few till I see my regular PA, but we both figured my old pills being 4 years old had lost their efficacy.

I do feel better tonight, only took one pull this morning after my appointment. I think the PA was amazed how little I use them as my script was so old. Heck, I think I still have 2/3 of the pills from 4 years ago. Popping pills for the heck of it is not something I tend to do. (It's food that is my downfall!)

So things are getting better, I walked the dogs more today than yesterday, made hamburgers for dinner (catfish last night). And we had some wine. I love my wine. A nice Sugar Island from Thunder Bay Winery of Michigan.

Hope to feel much less stressed tomorrow. Think I'll turn in early again tonight.

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