Saturday, March 29, 2008

Feeling a Bit Better

Although I had a sinus headache all day, I drove to my in-law's farm, hooked up with my sister-in-law and we went shopping! Yes, nothing like an afternoon of shopping to brighten one's spirits! First we stopped at the ER to get my staples removed. The nurse had trouble with the specialized staple remover and had to resort to forceps to get the last staple (out of 2!) out of my scalp. The doctor said it's healing well but I may have a permanent squishy spot (no, not the bone itself, just a soft scalp bump) for the rest of my life. As long as my hair doesn't fall out, I can live with that. Things could have been much worse.

After that 30 minute visit we went to the all you can eat Chinese buffet where I managed to eat 2 plates of sesame chicken, garlic shrimp, lo mein, etc, and a bit of fruit for dessert. Next we dashed off to Peebles, to return a purse I had bought for a Christmas party that I never went to, and managed to find another purse I liked for me that was on sale to the tune of $19.74. This was a $94 leather purse. My SIL had to have one too! We hadn't planned on buying purses, but these should last, normally I buy cheap vinyl ones that look fairly ratty within a year. I also got myself a nice, simply structured fleece jacket for a whopping $4.20 plus tax. The color is a sort of burgundy. It will be a nice change of season coat for the future 50 degree temps I am predicting for April. (It's actually supposed to hit 40 tomorrow!)

Then, a little grocery shopping and we headed back to the farm for a nice meal with Hal and my in-laws. Hal brought me some sudafed (the kind that still has the real ingredient that actually decongests one's sinuses, not the placebo stuff they're selling now.) which finally killed off my sinus headache. We left for home at 8:30 pm.

Rocket and Luna spent the day at Uncle Butch's (which they love), almost 12 hours, but seemed happy to see me when they came home tonight. They were on their beds outside, enjoying the balmy 30f temperature but are inside now and gone to bed after getting their bedtime goodie. I brought their beds in tonight as it's supposed to rain/snow tomorrow. Hopefully, rain which will then turn to sunshine. Yes, that would be a nice end to my weekend.

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