Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Little Santana

After a nice burrito dinner last night, Hal (have I mentioned that is what I am calling DH?) we decided to have a fire and a glass of coffee liquor and cream and listen to a little music. So we threw our only 3 Santana cds on the player and sat back with a little mood lightening and listened. A lovely way to spend 3 .5 hours. We have more actual music by Carlos Santana but it's all on LP (vinyl records for those unclear on the concept.) The cds we have were the first Santana album, the tribute album Supernatural and the newer one titled Ultimate Santana. The first two were wonderful. But we were disappointed by Ultimate. That one had a few songs from Supernatural, a few other newer numbers (notably "Into the Night") and a few excerpts from old standards.

When I bought the cd I did not know songs such as "Samba Pa Ti" and "Europa" would only be allowed approximately 4 3/4 minutes of playing time, then they were faded out. Sacrilege! It is very annoying to know there should be more great music coming and then have it faded out! I can only assume that the cd was created by the record company not for old Santana fans but potential fans who like the names of the other musicians on the cd. "See new person? If you like these songs, listen to these tidbits of other Santana numbers!" So it's likely Ultimate won't be played by us much any more. In fact it has prompted us to think about buying more Santana cds (so perhaps the marketing ploy worked after all?) We are also thinking about other groups that are notoriously lacking in our cd collection. After all, my record player hasn't worked in years, it's not like we're able to play those old LPs.

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