Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Brother!

I'd have said big brother but that might be too Orwellian for some. Then again it isn't really necessary because I don't have a little brother and as my only brother knows who I am, he knows who he is.

The propane truck made a delivery today and panicked the ducks into the back of the garage as far away from that noisy menace as they could get. As soon as the man left they were back outside checking the driveway for exposed dirt. (Currently the driveway is mostly ice.)

In the afternoon I took Rocket and Luna on a short walk to find the ducks. The ducks had decided that on such a nice sunny (if cold) afternoon that they'd once again wander off to look for puddles, dirt and other tasty things. They had success under the power lines at the edge of the swamp, on the way to my neighbor's house. They dabbled there for quite some time making the puddles quite muddy while Rocket and Luna either rolled about in the snow or nosed under downed trees looking for whatever dogs look for. Here is a photo of Rocket and the ducks (Luna wouldn't stand still).

And here's a better photo of the ducks. I am certain they are getting as tired of winter as the dogs and I. Well, maybe not the dogs. Rocket especially likes to roll about in the snow making little doggie snow angels. Luna seems perpetually happy no matter what the weather as long as she isn't alone. She does love company. I know she'll probably burst at the seams once I'm working in the gardens. Outside, human companionship, squirrels to chase, and if I happen to throw a stick or a tennis ball or maybe even the blue Frisbee she'll probably faint from the sheer joy of it!

Speaking of gardening, I picked up my vegetable seeds at the post office yesterday. I got everything except the potatoes, those will be sent in April. Sending them now from Maine to Michigan risks their getting frozen in transit. April 1st I will plant the tomato and pepper seedlings in little peat pots in the basement. This is possibly the first time ever I didn't order any flower seeds. I just don't have the time and space to devote to them anymore. If I want any more flowers I'll buy plants at the local nurseries. I have plenty of perennials now so there isn't a shortage of color. But I am so looking forward to fresh vegetables!

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