Monday, March 10, 2008

Another Pointless Post

Well, all the blogging advice sites say one shouldn't allow more than 3 days between posts and it's been 4 so to avoid the universe imploding I'll write something.

Luna is howling outside. I have no idea at what, but I suspect her Uncle Yogi may be barking back at her. DH is watching the last half of the movie "Nacho Libre" in the living room. Tonight's dinner was venison heart braised in tomatoes and wine with a sour cream egg sauce over a bed of white rice.

My dogs and I walked a couple times through the woods today, the temps finally achieved 30f again and ice melted here and there. I tried to help it along by chipping some off the deck and throwing it into the yard, but it's a futile battle. I am hoping enough melts before the predicted rain on Thursday to keep the garage from flooding for the 3rd time this winter. I've got to keep the straw bales dry for the duck pen.

The space shuttle is supposed to launch around 2:30 am EDT but I don't think I'll be able to stay awake for it. Hopefully, things will go as planned for it. I did remember to change the clocks to daylight savings time and am almost on the new time. At least I woke up at 9:30 am as usual though technically it would have been 8:30 if things hadn't changed.

Oh, here's something not pointless (well, I find dying pointless but there isn't a heck of a lot anyone can do about it yet), my uncle died last Friday morning. He was my mom's last sibling and was 90 years old. A very nice man, my older sister and I stopped in to visit him and my aunt at Christmas time. He will be missed. There aren't a lot of that generation left in my family. Death is a lousy way to end life.

Well now that was thoroughly depressing. I'll try to be more uplifting in my next post.

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