Thursday, January 3, 2008

Okay, So I Updated My Profile

I thought I'd better create my profile since I'd actually had TWO viewings of it. I used a photo of my 5 ducks instead of one of me, the ducks are cuter. I thought the random questions were stupid so after 3 attempts at finding a decent one I skipped it. Since I am still using dial-up (yes, Virginia, there is no broadband in the swamp) it was taking too long to refresh anyway. In case anyone thinks I'm a republican from the fact I was in the military, wrong-o buckwheat, that's what you get for making assumptions. Too many people, the media included (MOST definitely them!), make assumptions based on too little information and often nothing. Neither am I a democrat so flaming liberals and right wing conservatives will probably be annoyed with me since I don't kowtow to their party lines.

But enough of politics, there are more than enough idiots out there spouting party rhetoric without thinking to bother trying to argue. I'll let the few intelligent idiots do that for me.

Instead I'll mention that it's cold outside. It is warmer than the 1 degree Fahrenheit it was this morning (maybe 5ish?) so it's probably time to let the ducks out of the garage so they can go swimming in their heated pool. I suppose first they'll tromp down to the frozen stream to find it really is frozen and then I'll have to herd them back up to the garage and their lovely heated pool. (I'll post a picture! There it is!) The pool is actually a 55 gallon plastic drum turned on its side with the top and bottom half cut out. We left the center section intact for stability. I purchased a pond heater to keep the water liquid. They do seem to enjoy it. And one other thing I should mention before I head out, my dogs, though they are essentially duck retrievers, do not touch my ducks. They are very good dogs and though little Luna wants to play occasionally by running into their midst and scattering them, she is very good about letting them be. Rocket also stopped drooling when he looks at them months ago. Just a happy little pack are we.

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