Saturday, January 12, 2008

How About Some Photos?

I'm trying to find some decent recent photos on my computer but with the days being so gray most of them are rather lackluster. This one is kind of nice though, it was taken shortly after dawn a couple days after Thanksgiving 2007. Luna seems to be having a good time leaping about the swamp. I'm surprised the photo came out as well as it did as my digital camera is not very fancy and rather old. I tried brightening it up with a photo editor but it took out too much of the lovely pink sky. So you'll have to squint to get a really good look at my pup.

In this photo the ducks are spending New Year's Day in the stream that exits their frozen pond. There had been so much warm weather that the stream thawed and it's staying open as it's running high from the excess rain we've also had. They've been spending every day in it and waddle on back to their pen at desk every evening. I don't even have to shake the can of food to entice them any more.

And here is my dignified, if sleepy Rocket Man laying on the air mattress I was sleeping on while visiting my family this past Christmas. I don't know why but on that night he chose to sleep with me rather than on his bed like he normally does. Homesick perhaps?

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