Saturday, January 5, 2008

Odd Numbers, Odd Days?

Am I on a roll? This is my 3rd post for this blog and so far all three have appeared on odd numbered days. I very much doubt this will last for long. I had no plants to post anything today but I was getting bored and boredom leads to eating junk food. Typing lots of words on this keyboard in my loft keeps my fingers from moving food to my mouth. (I don't keep food up here.)

And there is so much tasty junk food lurking downstairs! Chocolate covered creams, Good 'n Plenty, tortilla chips, peanuts, almonds, caramel popcorn, Lindt truffles, Ritz crackers and assorted cheeses. I could go on, but I don't want to drool into the electronics. Once most of these munchies are gone I'll no longer have the holidays as an excuse for buying this junk and the fridge will start filling with things like yogurt and lettuce and cucumbers.

I should probably re-title this post Junk Food, since that is what it's morphed into but as I've listed an odd number of food items, I think I won't. In fact, soon it will be time to find a bad movie on TV (SciFi channel always has a bad movie on Saturday nights) and make some air popped popcorn. It's healthier than the caramel coated stuff. I even mix the melted butter for it half and half with olive oil to sort of cancel out the bad fat. The creative rationalizations one will make to keep eating what one wants can be fascinating! Someday I may expound upon them.

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