Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Sap is Running, a Little

Because we're having a warmer than average winter, or at least one a lot warmer than the previous 2 winters, Hal figured the sap might start running early. Consequently, he started tapping a few trees a couple weeks ago, and last weekend, he tapped the rest. This year we're using stainless steel taps that are easier to clean than the plastic ones we used last year. But I did clean 3 of those plastic ones so now we have 28 taps in red maple trees surrounding the house, about 15 more than we had last year. He's hoping we can get about 5 total gallons of syrup this year. Last year we got about 3.

This weekend we had temperatures in the high 40s and managed to collect nearly 5.5 gallons of sap even though most of the trees haven't started running yet. Hal boiled it down tonight in one of the sinks he built at the end of last season, and now he's heating the remainder on the stove in the kitchen. We should get about a pint from this. Can't wait to taste it.
Sap Boiler
This week the temperatures are going to be too cold but next weekend looks to be warming up again. Hopefully we'll have a nice long season, but if not, it will be good that we have those extra taps.

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