Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ziggy's at the Vet

He wasn't interested in breakfast till I put some ground venison on top. Then he scarfed it down. A few minutes later he's crawling on top of me and having tremors and trying to bury himself into me. I got dressed, took him and Luna for a short walk. He marked his territory several times, but his tail was down, his ears back, and he showed no pep till I suggested we go to Mrs J's. He ate a biscuit there but instead of whining and barking for more he just sat down at my feet.

I called the vet, we got there at 10:30. The new doc felt a mass just below his rib cage. She took x-rays. His stomach is full, his intestines empty and there is some "thing" about where his stomach empties into his small intestines. So I left him there while they feed him barium to get better x-rays and hopefully push the blockage through. If it doesn't move he will be having surgery.

I feel awful, I am sure he feels worse. He had a deer bone a few days ago, I figured he buried it as it vanished fast. Now I am not so sure. He's also likes to root through trash and eat chicken poop. It's possible anything could be in there. But now I wait, I should know by 4 pm a little more than 2 hours from now.

I hate waiting.

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