Thursday, February 11, 2016

And Now it's February

It's cold outside as it usually is for this part of winter, though not as cold as our previous 2 winters. Currently it is sunny and only 14.1 degrees. It's just going to to get colder through Saturday (this is Thursday) with a high that day of 5 and a low forecast to about -13. Chilly, but again, nothing like our previous winters. I can live with a few days of sub zero. Much better than weeks of it.

I've been keeping busy even though I spent all January fighting a sinus infection which I finally went to the clinic on Feb 1 to take care of. No amount of breathing steam and doing nasal rinses seemed to help enough. But I am much better now.

As I said, I have been keeping busy. Besides managing to walk the dogs 2-3 miles a day even in deep snow I've been sewing again, specifically quilt blocks which one day will be combined into a couple of quilts. Haven't done any quilting since I made the shades for the loft but it's been a great way to use up the little scraps left over from various projects, some of them decades old. I even dug into my meager unused cotton fabric stash to add some new colors. Had a yard or two of quite a few different prints, not enough for clothes but enough for quilt blocks which was the reason I originally bought them.
2 crazy blocks
2 crazy log cabin with 4 patch centers
Helped Hal stack some firewood today. He's been very busy these last few weeks building up our supply which was almost non-existent at the beginning of the year. Fortunately the incredibly mild weather, (40s)  we were having till about December 29th when we got our first major snowfall, required much less wood than normal.

This is a fairly rambling post which generally means I can't think of anything interesting to say and am only feeling guilty that I haven't posted much. So I'll end here before things get out of hand.

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