Friday, March 4, 2016

A Lobster Dinner

Hal and I gave his parents their Christmas gift tonight. A lobster dinner. I bought the live lobsters at the Meijer in Alpena, MI at the end of the shopping trip I needed to get all the other side dishes. I took Hal's mom along and she got a little shopping in for herself.

I got calamata and feta stuffed olives, macaroni salad, mustard potato salad, a lemon we forgot to use, pumpernickel bread we also did not use as his dad had hot bread fresh out of the oven. There was a pinot grigio to drink and dad's usual red. Oh and there was homemade creamed corn my mother-in-law and I made last summer with a little shucking help from FIL.

Dinner was very messy but was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. The lobsters, for those who may wonder, were first chilled and then killed before being boiled. I refuse to boil a creature alive.

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