Monday, March 21, 2016

It Started Making that Noise Again

My sewing machine was still working 2 days ago, (been taking a break) but that weird "tinking" sound is back, rather intermittent though most often using the basting stitch. I may be avoiding finishing my shirt because subconsciously I'm worried it's going to go belly up again. Can't be any thread caught in the tension discs, so it's something else. If it does go poof I'll be taking it to Bay City. Fingers crossed this isn't required, but if I do have to go there, at least I'll have a few machines I can test out. Can't figure out how the Alpena store is staying in business with no machines at all in stock or on display!

I only have buttonholes and buttons to add and the shirt is done, it fits rather well, too, those gussets did the trick. But it's been years since I've made a buttonhole, I will have to practice a lot first.

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