Friday, April 8, 2016

April Snow Just Won't Stop.

Winter came late and is now encroaching severely into spring. Today is Friday, at last it is sunny even if it is only 26 degrees when it should be in the 40s. On Sunday we had 7.5 inches of snow. Tuesday night into Wednesday we had 6 more with a bit over 1 more inch yesterday. This coming Sunday they're calling for another 3-5 inches.

My purple crocuses were about to bloom Sunday, now they are buried, don't know if the blooms can survive being buried by 14 inches of heavy, wet snow.

I had a lone hen who decided to go adventuring, very odd as chickens don't like walking about in the snow. Here she is returning from wherever she had disappeared to.
Yesterday, for about 5 minutes the sun peeked through the clouds, then it snowed a bit more. I managed to snap a couple photos from my front door. By the time I was dressed to go outside, it was gone. I took my camera anyway and got a dog photo anyway.
Looking at the coop, everything buried
from the front door
On Bambi Highway
The pond needs to thaw
This Sunday they are calling for 3-5 more inches of snow. we're under a massive low so I can see where it's coming from. Next Sunday they say 61 degrees for a high. Weird. I am so looking forward to normal April weather.

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