Monday, March 14, 2016

My Sewing Machine is Not Working

A few days ago while merrily working on my new flannel shirt I heard a tiny "tinking" sound and then it jammed. I turned over the sleeve I was working on and there was a long line of mangled thread. Hoping it was just from the fabric being folded over twice (which shouldn't happen, never has before) I tried a test strip. Same problem. So I then opened up the bobbin case and cleaned out the lint. Still no go. Figuring there might be some lint stuck in the feed dogs, (yes, we're desperately reaching here) I lowered them, dusted, then raised them. Or rather, I didn't raise them because when I try to turn the wheel it won't move. Sort of a double whammy.

I bought my machine on April 21, 2006. Technically it is still under warranty for parts. Ten years by the current warranties, but in reading mine, it looks like 20 years. I discovered this by finding the unregistered warranty card. I have read the law on this and it still must be honored if I didn't damage it through misuse or neglect. No problem on the misuse, I fear they might try to get me on neglect, I think it's only been professionally cleaned once. In my defense there were years I didn't even use it so it doesn't have anything near 10 years of wear and tear on it. However, the manufacturer's website also says I need my date receipt. Yeah. after 10 years that is kind of missing. I did find the credit card statement with the name of the store and price, but no serial number of course.

The warranty/registration card could also be a problem. It has a crossed out number and the new one. I had to return my first machine and ended up with the floor demo because the one out of the box couldn't sew a straight line. So the owner crossed out and wrote in the new number. I don't remember if I worried about that at the time. I did email that store yesterday (no one seems to be open on Sunday in the sewing world it seems) in hopes they can send me a copy of the receipt.

I was planning on driving 2 hours to Bay City today with my machine to get it fixed. Then I discovered yesterday the store in Alpena did not go out of business. it merely moved. I'd been there once before to buy bobbins and I think I took my old Montgomery Ward 1967 machine (manufactured by White) to get a new belt but they had it 3 or 4 weeks and had done nothing with it, they were so back-logged or couldn't get the part, I don't remember. I eventually got it serviced downstate instead. when Hal's sister took it in for me. I pulled it out when my current machine blipped but it is even more hopeless, and I am guessing not worth what it would cost to fix again..

Ah well, guess I'll find out in a few hours whether I am screwed or not.

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