Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gardening, More Crocuses, and Moving a Coop

I started digging the weeds out of the older veggie garden today. The weather is beautiful, high 60s, low 70s depending on whether clouds obscure the sun. So far I've cleared about an 18" by 12' patch along the chain link fence side. I'd like to get some snow peas planted tomorrow. My back is aching at the moment so I'm taking a rest and having a glass of water.

I intended to start yesterday but instead helped Hal put the netting back up over the hutch run.
A few days ago he brought his tractor back from hunting camp and moved the hutch from the other side of the driveway where all the raccoon attacks happened and put it next to the original coop in the yard. Then he put the old dog kennel fencing back around it, he had to dig it into the hill on the north side to level it out. Did a wonderful job and today he even made proper perches for the 3 sections. I plan to put some birds in tonight to breed and hatch eggs next month in the incubator.
I also took more photos of my crocuses. There weren't very many yellow or white ones, the purple ones seem to be the hardiest. They are very pretty whatever color they are.

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