Friday, April 26, 2013

Bought More Yarn

Jo-Ann Fabrics was having a sale so last week I took my neighbor shopping to Alpena and that was the first place we stopped. I helped her get the items she needed for a quilt her friend was making and then I wandered into the yarn aisle I say aisle because it's a small store (lucky we have it being such a small city) and has exactly one aisle of which only half is yarn, the other half is embroidery thread and needles and hooks.

I was looking for some fingering weight (yarn the thickness used for cotton socks) for a shawl I'm starting in May along with a bunch of other crocheters, all on-line. It's called a crochet-a-long. But I digress. There isn't much at this store in that weight except for actual sock yarn, most of which is a dull mat color and most of that was already gone. Then one of the employee pointed to a little stand outside of the aisle with sale yarn and I can imagine the only reason there was still yarn on it was that it was not in the actual yarn aisle. I found yarn on the bottom shelf and found 6 skeins with the same dye lot in a purple multi-color. I bought them all as each skein only contains 185 yards. They cost $2.79 each plus tax.
 On my way out of the store another employee (maybe it was the one, I wasn't paying attention) mentioned there were clearance yarns up front by the registers. Usually, there is nothing interesting to me there but I looked and though I didn't really need any more yarn, at $1.97 a skein, well, I couldn't resist. I bought the last 3 of this champagne colored yarn by Patons. It's only 426 yards total so whatever I make with it will be short but hopefully I can find something.
The other yarn was this angel hair by Sensations, the store brand yarn. I managed to get the last 6 of these in the same dye lot as well but it's still only 720 yards of yarn. I'm sure I can find a shawl for this one though.
Now if only I could find more yarn, there are a couple small local yarn shops, haven't been to one at all and the other it's been years but I don't remember it having a lot either. Otherwise it's a 2.5 hour drive to the nearest larger "big box" store. *sigh*

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