Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hot Today

Unexpectedly, the temperature rose to 85.2 degrees f today! A bit hot for May 1st but we usually have a couple of those earlier than this. Still, it was too hot to really do anything outside, or inside once the house temp matched it. No air conditioning yet because the boxes are still wrapped in plastic.

Yesterday I took Luna and Ziggy to the vet, he needed shots and Luna's left foreleg was injured when Ziggy yanked on it a month ago. Met the new vet and I really liked her and she was great with my pups. She said it's Luna's shoulder and since it gets better and worse, and then better again figures it's muscular. And x-rays would require anesthesia because they would need to bend the leg all around to check on cartilage tears. So she's got 2 weeks of anti-inflammatories and rest. She is not happy, she wants her walks but I must be strong and ignore those woeful looks she gives me.

Ziggy yelped every time he got an injection in the scruff of his neck. Most dogs don't have such a bad time with it, but he tried to escape every time. When we got home (it's about an hour drive) he was listless and looked miserable, head hanging down, tail limp. I had to help him up stairs and onto the sofa. He obviously had a reaction to the vaccines. I was worried about him all evening (appointment was at 2 pm), got him to eat some raw eggs around 8 pm. By 11 pm he actually wanted outside and even barked a few times. He was much better by this morning, and when we walked over to Ms Judy's he heard Princess and suddenly flew past me, all back to normal. I'm hoping there are different formulations we can try next year.

Two days ago I finally got the veggie garden tilled up enough (by hand with a shovel) to plant a double 12 ft row of snow peas; dwarf grey sugar. Bought them in bulk from the Lincoln hardware store. Today I also finally got around to ordering my green beans, potatoes and a few other seeds from Pinetree Seeds in Maine. I also ordered a 5 pack of hardy blueberry bushes from Miller Nurseries in NY. I bought blueberries from them when we lived in Virginia. Almost bought something called a honeyberry, aka haskap, a sort of edible honeysuckle from Russia, but decided I need to think about where to plant them first.

I still have 10 elderberry saplings to plant and 8 strawberry plants which should have been 10 that I paid for through the Alcona Conservation District. I doubt there is anything they can do about it, but I did email the wholesaler that provided them. It's a little annoying, especially when I only ordered 10. If I'd ordered 50 and was missing 2 it wouldn't be as big a deal. Eight plants won't provide many berries.

The outside temp is down to 59.5 now but it's still 75.5 indoors even with all the windows open. Still feels pretty miserable but it's time to head to bed to read my book.

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