Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tower Hill Botanic Garden

In June I went back to Massachusetts with both dogs. Stayed with younger sister again and visited with her and my older sister for 2 weeks. One of the things the 3 of us did together was visit Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston just a hop, skip and a jump from where we grew up in Worcester. I'd never been there before because it didn't exist till 1986 and I had left in 1981.

It was a warm day with a short fast storm in the middle but I managed to take a lot of photos. Unfortunately my photo taking techniques were very rusty so for some bizarre reason I upped the aperture 1/3 instead of down 1/3 so I have a lot of photos with blown hgh lights. Still, here are some of the better ones. It was a nice day.
courtyard entrance
near parking lot
 I would love some of these poppies.
grape poppy
I wish the turtle fountain was turned on. Don't know why it wasn't unless there were some sort of water restrictions, there might have been. Oddly, there was a cloud burst in the middle of our visit.
Turtle fountain
large succulent near the turtle fountain pool
another pool
tall water fountain
cool unknown flower. a lot of plants seemed to be missing tags
Hope to go there again someday.

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