Thursday, August 18, 2016

Skunked Again!

Barely 1/3 of a mile into our morning walk Ziggy come barreling past me, leaping a downed tree and within 30 seconds the pungent smell of skunk wafted to my nostrils. Yes, Ziggy has for the second time in his life attempted to play with a skunk. At least he didn't take if full force into his mouth, it seemed to be a glancing blow. I cut the walk short there and we went home with Ziggy rolling in leaves, dirt, weeds, every few seconds trying to get rid of the smell.

I gathered the bucket, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, Dawn dish-washing liquid and a little lemon juice which isn't in the traditional recipe but I think it helps. So Ziggy is freshly washed, unhappy though that made him. And now he is drying outside, also unhappy that I won't let him back into the house yet.

At least this time I remembered to wear rubber gloves.

And Luna, smart girl, stayed out of trouble.

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