Wednesday, August 17, 2016

It's a Hat!

I've been very busy all summer. And it's been a hell of a hot one up here. Many days in the 90's, high humidity, and then a weeks long drought that took it's toll on the farmers in the whole state as well as many of my plants. Then there was the deer in the vegetable garden that has essentially killed any chance at decent home grown vegetables this year. Not that I've had many bumper crops in the past, but this has been the worst. But that's for another post assuming I get back to making them. In the meantime:

It's a hat!

This hat is a gift for a SIL and since very few people check my blog at all, I am sure it will be a total surprise when I give it to her. I also took it and 7 other items, both crochet and sewn, to the county fair this week. This shawl is one of them, it's called Leafing Out by designer, Vicki Mikulak at ravelry,com. It's made with Red Heart Unforgettable in the Springtime colorway. This shows it unblocked and with the ends still hanging off of it. I don't expect to win with it as it's pretty simple and the judges don't seem to be fond of variegated yarn, but we'll see when I pick them back up this weekend.

But for now, back to work.

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