Friday, July 11, 2008

I've Got Pipping!!!

To those unfamiliar with the poultry world that means the chicks/ducklings/keets have cracked their shell with the point of their beak. In my case ducklings. In fact one is already completely out of its shell. I never knew it was happening, although this is day 28 of incubation till that one loud "PEEP". There's at least one other egg pipped an possibly another though it's hard to see into this odd round incubator/hatcher Hal borrowed from his dad.

Tomorrow the dry ducklings go into a brooder box, just an old TV box. Can't wait to see what kind of duck it is.


Sara said...

You might want to put the ducklings in something other than a cardboard box. They will splash water everywhere, thus the floor of your box will be no good in a matter of days :) Ducklings are so sweet! Congrats!

LunaRocket said...

Thanks, I found that out fast, they are now in the garage in a wood box with a base of sand and straw on top. Much better arrangement than last year when all I had was cardboard boxes!