Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Disaster with my Guinea Order

Got a call yesterday morning at 9 from the local post office saying my bird order was arriving at 10. Turned out to be my guinea order, they were shipped early, as in Friday. They had to have spent more than 24 hours at a P.O. somewhere, I suspect Saginaw, MI else they couldn't have gotten here Monday morning since there only one truck leaves from Saginaw to here every day (except Sunday).

Six of the little keets were dead on arrival, one was actually still gasping but expired before I left the office. Two more died before 2 pm and another last night and one more this afternoon. They had shipped 23 and only 13 are still alive. When I called the hatchery to inquire what happened they told me they had hatched early. I don't know how that could have happened though I have ideas. Needless to say they don't normally ship at the end of the week for the obvious reasons, no delivery on Sundays. Three days without water in who knows what kind of temperatures.

They were a nice assortment too. Only 1 white keet out of 4 survived and that one almost didn't, but it did drink sugar water for me from a plastic syringe and recovered. Others I tried that with did not. There seem to be 5 pied and the rest are some sort of lavender or bluish. None were the standard pearls.

Tonight I prepared a mash of wet feed mixed with a little sugar to see if they could eat that more easily and though it took some time they attacked it like they'd found nirvana. I hope this gets them through this night.

The hatchery will refund my money for the dead keets but this shouldn't have happened in the first place.

My chick order also shipped yesterday, on schedule, but last time I checked the tracking number it took 8 hours to go from Fremont, OH to Toledo. That is nuts. They better make it to Saginaw tonight or else they won't get here tomorrow. They've got to make that one truck in the early morning or they will spend another 24 hours in chick hell.

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