Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ducky Peyton Place

So I've got these 2 groups of ducks, the original 4 and the momma and her 3 ducklings. The ducklings are fully feathered and momma has been trying to take them swimming. The WBKs, however, want nothing to do with them and have continuously harassed them including trying to mate the poor female duckling who is still too young. The two big males have constantly ganged up on her and I've had to resort to "violence" to separate them. (We won't discuss how I intimidate the big boys, suffice to say there is much yelling, waving of arms and poorly aimed stick throwing.)

A few days ago momma duck decided it was time to start laying eggs again so she started chasing the pekin, and then the rouen so she could "get some". Suddenly, the shoe being on the foot, the big males were running away, wanting no part of her. Apparently, they like to chase, not be chased. Now the ducklings were not being molested and could swim happily about while momma harassed the big boys.

Today, though momma is still pursuing love, the rouen decided to attack one of the male ducklings and mate with him on the water. Now being another male, I would guess the duckling was appalled, even if it was only a dominance thing, he wasn't happy. He certainly squawked as loudly as a male can, which is a bare whisper, but the big nasty rouen had him pinned and pushed his head under water. Even when the poor guy dived, the rouen went after him and both came out with the rouen still on top. Then the pekin tried to help the rouen. At this point I was back to arm waving, yelling, threatening them with roast duck dinners, and ineptly throwing sticks. Finally, they relinquished pursuit and the poor duckling, minus some neck feathers, pulled his bedraggled self onto the bank.

And now to top it all off, momma duck has deserted her ducklings and rejoined the other side. The ducklings must now fend for themselves; they quack mournfully and momma quacks back but does not come. If they only knew that soon they themselves will have youngsters to beat up on as more ducklings should be hatching this weekend.

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