Monday, September 22, 2014

Our Yooper Vacation: Day 1, Soo Locks

The Soo Locks are the locks at Sault (pronounced Soo) Saint Marie that let the boats travel between Lake Superior and Lake Huron in the St Mary's river. We intended to take the boat tour the afternoon of our first day but reached the docks 20 minutes too late. (Too much fun at the lighthouse I guess.) So we wandered over the the state park where there is an observation tower and happened upon a freighter traveling west using the Poe Lock. In the first photo if you look closely to the right of center you can barely see the words Canada Steamship Lines.
As it's about to pass through in the second photo the words are clearly visible. The lock raised the ship 21 feet to the level of Lake Superior, kind of cool, huh?
After that excitement we went to a restaurant nearby called Antlers for dinner. We had whitefish, a popular fish from the Great Lakes that, oddly enough, is about impossible to get fresh where we live. Here is a bit of the decor. Dinner was excellent.
 These photos I snapped while sitting at our table.
Then we headed to our motel, the Skyline, a 1950's era motel near the airport. It may have been old but it was clean, comfortable, had all the amenities required as well as free wifi for only $55! A steal.

And thus ends day 1 of our UP adventure, a very good day.

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