Sunday, September 14, 2014

Happy Birthday, Hal!

Just got back from dinner at Rosa's with his parents. They wanted to take him out and I got to tag along. Dinner was great, 3 of us had their "hot rok" special, Hal had an Angus filet and shrimp, I had the filet and lobster tail and his dad had just shrimp. We got to cook them as well done or as rare as we wanted. His mom had the seafood bake which is a bunch of seafood baked in a sauce under phyllo dough. We shared an appetizer of mussels and then there was chocolate cake for dessert and apple crisp and the birthday cannoli. I swapped the cannoli for my cake because he really wanted the cake. (and the cake this time was better than the cannoli.)

The rest of the day I think Hal enjoyed, he got to laze about the house, had some coffee liqueur in the afternoon, and even cleaned out some clothes from his closet. I made him chocolate chip cookies yesterday and there are still plenty left. He says he had a pretty good day.

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