Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Beading the Isolde Shawl

So I started the final row of edging on my purple Isolde shawl the other day. The pattern originally required a triplet of picots but they weren't coming out right so I dropped the smaller ones on either side of the larger central one and changed the dc (double crochet) on either side to a triple crochet (treble aka tr). I've also added beading to this final edge but am not sure I'll leave it this way. I'm alternating 4 shades of purple and I think it's at least one too many.

It's not a very good photo, the lighting is bad and required the flash and it washed out the shininess as well as the actual bead colors. They are all shades of purple but seem to turn the lavender ones pink and the purple ones blue.

I'm hoping this will be done in a few more days because I've decided to enter it in the Alcona County Fair. I've never been and I've never entered anything in a fair before. In fact I've entered 4 items: 2 shawls, my pink pullover and a hat I have yet to make. The items have to be brought in on the 19th so I've got time but I don't want to rush. So back to work I go.

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