Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring? I Spoke Too Soon

Last night we had a winter storm. I am very annoyed. There are 5.5 inches of heavy, wet snow on the ground, and more to the north. The electric power went out around 3 am and stayed off until almost 12:30 in the afternoon. I'm beginning to think last year's volcanic eruptions may have something to do with this cold spring. I've not found a smoking gun on line yet but I'm not looking very hard.

Because of the wet snow both my satellite dishes were getting covered and messing with my TV and Internet reception so I got out the metal step ladder, got under the DirecTV dish on the big maple out front and began sweeping the snow off. Then the sky lit up like daylight BOOM, one hell of a crack of thunder. I kept cleaning the dishes though as I didn't get zapped. It boomed and flashed on and off for the next couple of hours.

I'm not sure what Luna thinks of this long winter, Ziggy is still so new to everything he just runs around like a maniac. I'm just sick of the whole thing.

Here are some photos.

It's already melting, probably lost 2 inches perhaps 3, but not fast enough for me. Supposed to go back into the 40s tomorrow and 50 the day after. But will it last?

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Painting Tips and Tricks said...

The dogs look great! I like your photos!...Daniel