Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Is Spring Finally Here?

Hard to say. We keep getting sleet or snow, Inch and a half 2 days ago which finally changed to rain and then melted yesterday though it stayed where old snow still existed. It's slowly creeping back into the low 40s for daytime highs but I swear this is the coldest spring I can remember. It's cloudy and breezy right now and perhaps 35. The forecast is showing 50 for Saturday, I'll believe it when I feel it. Tomorrow they say more snow showers. Not a sign of my crocuses yet, usually I have daffodils popping up by now.

Luna and Ziggy are still getting along well though one night she refuse to come home from Uncle Butch's house so I let her sleep there. Ziggy doesn't protest sleeping in his crate most of the time, but I have to go to sleep by midnight because he is invariably up by 7 am, 7:24 at the latest. He's still not quite house broken. Mostly he pees outside, but I don't know that he realizes he can only pee outside. Accidents are fewer now but I still can't trust him and as he still wants to chew everything in sight, I can't let him out of my sight. There are a couple new holes in the skirt on the sofa, who knows what I haven't discovered.

But he is adorable, check out this photo! He was probably 10 weeks old here, he's closer to 12 now.

 And here's a photo of Luna to show she is not forgotten.

I suppose I ought to let the chickens, guineas and ducks outside now, feed them and walk my pups.


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